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DreamSF Flyer

DreamSF Fellowship

Meet the 2014 DreamSF Fellows!

The DreamSF Fellowship is an opportunity for DACA-approved youth to serve San Francisco’s immigrant communities through professional experience and training. DreamSF Fellows commit to working 20 hours per week on a project-based fellowship with an immigrant-serving nonprofit organization. Additionally, Fellows receive weekly leadership development training and are matched with a professional mentor. Participants receive professional development training in technology, public policy, civic participation, and non-profit administration. Fellows receive a 7,500 stipend for the 30 week Fellowship.

Application Process:

Applications for the DreamSF Fellowship are now closed.  Please contact Kraig Cook at kraig.cook@sfgov.org or 415.581.2352 with any questions.

Each applicant must submit a complete application package (in PDF format) to civic.engagement@sfgov.org by April 18, 2014.  The application package should include:

  • Professional resume (include GPA, education level and any professional or community service experience)
  • Responses to 3 essay questions- DreamSF Fellowship Essay Questions (fillable PDF) DreamSF Fellowship Essay Questions (Word format)- Please use whichever format is easier for you and save in PDF format.
  • Two references- professors, former employers or supervisors of extracurricular or service activities

Eligibility Requirements:


Please note that the DreamSF Fellowship will prioritize applications from San Francisco residents who have not yet completed a four-year college or university degree.


Ideal DreamSF Fellows should possess the following:

  • High School Diploma or G.E.D.
  • DACA Approval from USCIS or equivalent work authorization
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to interact and communicate effectively with English and non or limited-English speakers
  • Ability to develop and retain knowledge of city policies, services and programs
  • Ability to use basic technologies for communications and documentation
  • Desire to serve the public and immigrant communities
  • Flexibility, initiative, creativity and imagination

Desired Qualifications and Experience:

  • Previous experience working in an urban setting with diverse and limited English proficient communities
  • Knowledge of and comfort/familiarity with immigrant populations
  • Previous volunteer experience or extra-curricular involvement with community-based organizations
  • Bilingual skills strongly preferred- in particular Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, Tagalog and Vietnamese skills
  • Leadership potential


Each DreamSF Fellow will be expected to:

  • Successfully complete program orientation and placement sessions
  • Serve 20 hours/week from May 27 through December 19, 2014
  • Attend weekly leadership development and skills training sessions
  • Provide reliable, quality administrative and programmatic support to assigned host community based organizations and their projects dedicated to immigrant residents
  • Learn and master information regarding city policies and programs that impact immigrants and monolingual residents
  • Conduct targeted outreach and education to immigrant families and youth throughout the city
  • Execute community service projects aimed at improving the lives of San Francisco’s vulnerable populations
  • Develop a personal “Impact Plan” for how they plan to continue their education and service after the conclusion of the Fellowship

Each DreamSF Fellow will receive:

  • Valuable, paid professional work experience
  • Professional skill development and leadership training
  • Individual mentoring
  • Opportunities to network with influential leaders in San Francisco’s nonprofit and public service communities

Please contact Kraig Cook at kraig.cook@sfgov.org or 415.581.2352 with any questions or for further information.

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